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About Static

Static is built by Justin Hunter under his product studio called Mind Pollution, LLC. Static arose as a solution to a problem Justin was facing himself. He wanted to own his content, which meant having every file locally available on his computer. But he also wanted to have a beautiful writing experience when writing his blog posts.

Justin had tried static sites in the past, but he would always give up on them because writing posts in a code editor was horrible. Finally, in 2022, he started working on a desktop app to solve this problem for himself.

While working on writing documentation for Docasaurus, Justin finally tested the first version of his new app. It was a simple desktop app with a WYSIWYG editor layered on top of the static site content. It was a game-changer for him.

After months of tweaks, plenty of feedback from other static site fans, and a conversion to the web, Static was born.


Get in touch by emailing justin [at] polluterofminds [dot] com.