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A beautiful CMS for static sites

Stop writing blog posts in your code editor

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You bring the SSG framework, Static will bring the editor.

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Works with most static site frameworks

Whether it's Next.js, Hugo, Gatsby, or you rolled your own, Static works with most modern SSG frameworks. If your writing is in markdown and it has frontmatter, Static is for you.

Writer faster

Code editors are for code, not prose

Static provides a WYSIWYG editor with markdown support to help you focus on writing, not formatting.

Static gives you smart solutions to simple problems like grammar and images with built in Grammarly and Unsplash support.
Write directly to the folder where you keep your blog posts. Static works with your Static Site Generator of choice.
Focus on your writing, not your code. Static writes to your local repository, but you stay in the flow.
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Frontmatter simplified

Simple JSON editor for your YAML-based frontmatter

Writing is half the battle. You also have to update your document's metadata in the frontmater section of your markdown file. Static makes this simple with a JSON-based editor directly in the app.

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Free your code editor up for...
...writing code.

Static site generators give you control, but they make writing 100X harder. Static solves that.